Module Reflection

For data and imaging visualisation, not know what to expect of the module to start off with. For floating city there was a degree of fear that came up with it. When it comes to Maya  Having no confidence in it whats so ever with my previous animations not assignments not being amazing to any standard! This was heavily reflected in floating city. If you were to look at the amount I try to do the with software compared to others. I clearly didn’t want to touch it! However once it got the head model where I could focus on it myself and spent two months with it and the software; I finally got to the stage with the software where i could appreciate it for what it was.

My time management with the overall module was okay to begin with. For floating city there was an even enough balance between this project and other projects. However this was due to some of my team members being in my group in both modules so there our group was understanding when things needed to be done in other projects.  For my head model initially however due to my poor time management after the Easter break,the head model was finished a day before the deadline. Honestly this should have been finished earlier.

Through the module, there were lesson to be learned.  Thinking of the head model, learning that all models need a great deal of planning and the topology of the mesh is important. It’s not just how it looks  instead of worrying over the details I’m gonna sort out my time management because at the moment there isn’t one! Thinking back to floating city, what is to be taken from it is to take more risks and dive in a lot more. I wouldn’t have learnt what I did by staying with research and drawings in my book. That was definitely a big flaw in my approach to the module.

So as you can see , there is a lot to learn but to finish off because I feel like I should show more of the topology of my head model. Heres more of the head model…UNSMOOTHED AHHHHHHH!

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