Response to Feedback- Finished Animation

So after all the mess ups and glitches that happened this week we got the animation done with the appropriate changes made to the new animation. This was our animation before making the changes:


For sound we told to make the following changes:

  • adding sound effects for example; bed spring
  • Changing the last line of dialogue so it will the context of the animation

For this we added new dialogue and sound effects. The new piece of dialogue “this is shocking”  we used to create a punchline.


For camera we were advised to:

  • Change the camera in the intro as the previous wasn’t working
  • Zoom out the camera in scene 2 (scene where lights go out)

For the intro we changed the camera to a lateral tracking shot using the influence of Stanley Kubrick whilst in scene 2 we just zoom out the camera back to the way it was previous and like in our animatic. By fixing the light in scene one we were also able to establish which light was broken.


For Effects we were advised to:

  • Tone down in the effect for scene 2
  • Have a more comedic zap for scene 3 (where she touches the bulb)
  • Have the bed light up to show she’s touching it in scene three.

For this we cut out the effects in scene two , keeping with the Ambient Occlusion inverted effect. We added the AO inverted to the bed as well to show the she has touched it swell. For the comedic zap we added some special effects in After Effects.


Lighting is a major thing i wanted to fix in scene 1. However you can see there had been many challenges trying to fix the lighting and then having to fix them in AE. It was fixed to a degree however if it was me I would spend an eternity on it.


We also were advised to fix:

  • Curtain in scene 2 to mimmick the scene from psycho more
  • To have the character caught in the act of taking out the bulb

For this we redid the curtain scene and changed the pose in the outro, hopefully these scenes will have made our animation better.

This is the Animation after these changes:

After posting this online Michael Bass commented on the eyes in the intro scene; saying the glow is too strong and doesn’t make sense before she electrocutes herself. We tried our best to fix this however there was difficulties. We were able to fix the eyes a little bit and there is some different between the eyes in scene 1 & 2. We decided before making a mess of it to just stop and say we tried.

Here is our FINAL (I mean it) animation:

I am so proud of everyone involved and it’s so good to see an end product to three months work.


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