Creative Elements Reflection

Its been a challenging and fun couple of months, having only an inkling of what to expect from Foundation Year. A worry of mine was being immersed with students who applied outside the university. Thinking “How can I work with others when I know nothing!” This looking back was obviously an exaggeration and the one thing that has stood out is that all of us are starting again; despite the different skill sets.

Throughout the course; research has always grabbed my interest. Never before would this come into my head as something that could be fun. However exploring ideas, trying to think of a different thought process or just learning how something works became something fulfilling within each project; trying to make each world our own. This now growing passion has all started from character design in Marble World. When the world was given it was left with so many options and what we created at the end of the week became rewarding for ourselves.

Editting has always been an interest. Going back further and looking back to Foundation year learning Photoshop Timeline and After Effects gave me skills that have helped me contribute in a team. Specifically thinking of week 8; Dragon  Tree world.

That week was my chance to really get involved and experiment, the final outcome which was the title sequence was not perfect and needed improvement but with advice changes were made and the title sequence is much better than before. Learning that skills can always be improved and that we have these years to make mistakes and get better in our skill sets is great to know. That what we have worked on isn’t the highest of our ability and we can only get better.

Of course there has been struggles and challenges; concept art and drawing at the start was so alien to me, being brought out of comfort zone. My confidence although low to start, began to grow as the weeks went on. Thats the great thing about being in a class with artists and designers. They can teach you tricks and tips that you would have never learn on your own. Just being in a group with these people made my art improve and gave me the motivation to do better.

Learning the importance of project management and communication was a big learning curve. Learning the hard way that if you aren’t organised and if you aren’t management aspects of the project. It can turn to chaos and things are down at the last minute!

Overall creative elements has shown me that Animation has so many areas; we all have different shapes and we trying to find what shape we form. Learning the fundamentals of group work, creating ideas, making things has been a great experience. Will be looking forward to learning more in semester two.


Tonals Revised

Another week I really wanted to fixed was the tonality week. I didn’t feel I produced work that was up to standard o the work created that week. So I tried a couple of new ones in the hope they would be better than the previous!

My tonality week was based in Hell Tree World. The 9 circles of hell in a tree. For that in our group I had to do Lust and Heresy. Now looking back i really wanted to do something with greed but now that I’m doing more tonals I’ve altered focus to which layers of hell i would be working on.

I decided to stick with Lust and do another tonal that was more appropriate. in this layer it features sandstorms and the pain of being in the layer is that its filled with solitude. I think this one is bit more suited to the theme. I left out the gatekeeper in this to emphasise that idea of solitude.


The other layer I focused on was greed. I really loved the concept, the idea of guttonous people trying to eat food but held back by the idea that the exterior of the nice fruit  rotten inside (Bringing influences of S7ven!) For the drawing I brought in influences from other groups who viewed the protagonist in first person and thinking of Emily’s designs and the person grabbing the fruit from the tree. I wanted to show both elements together. I think the end results looks okay, much better than previous tonals since I spent more time on it and for me it reflect more of my own style!

I’m not sure if i was cheating using a shade of yellow for highlights but i really liked it when i added it in so i just rolled with it.

please compress-min

Now I’m somewhat happy I gave tonals another go!



Title Sequence Sorted!

I took me awhile but I fixed the title sequence, all of the little things that bugged me i finally was able to sort them out. In particular i was able to fix the bird scene with bit of research and the falling scene by using the advice Conánn and Michael gave me with the background moving instead of the character. That and the timing issues i had previous with the typography i was able to fix.

Dragon Tree Title Sequence

So now the video is ready to put in the portfolio; Hurrah!

Making Type Digital

In Dragon World we learnt about typography,  I quite liked my typography, despite it being quite loud at the time for the title sequence. Since I wasn’t fond of the top type, we shall ignore it.

(Or better yet, look at my post about the typography)

To Recap:

The middle one was the vine type. Despite the design not being used it then became intertwined with the current typography with vines growing from the letters.

The bottom one was a mix of moss and dragon scales. I really liked it but learning from Helvetica, to be read clearing amongst all the other graphics that were happening in the background. It wouldn’t work

Picture of my typography tests

Since I liked these two I decided to have some fun and  make them digital. The process of making these digital was fun, knowing that the piece wasn’t for the title sequence made me so much more relaxed about working on it.

Also since you can tell going through my hour glass world posts, i have figured out GIFs. So why not have so more fun with it all.

Typography Made Digital. (Top: Vine Type, Bottom: Moss and Scales Type)

I really liked how the two types turned out, Doing them I could see why it wouldn’t really work in with the title sequence. However in another dimensional timeline where we went with one of these. I wander how different the title sequence would have been.

The top one turned out more chaotic than I thought but I just ran with it because I like the messy qualities. The bottom one is my favourite, I tried my best not to go over the top hence why the drawing and digital drawings differ. I think with the tweak it reads a lot better. I think overall it’s nice seeing my drawings come out of the page and on screen!

Bird Flying Research

One thing I wanted to fix is the dragon tree sequence. On the presentation day for it the tutor made a few constructive criticisms none or two scenes to make the title sequence better. I knew myself there were many things I wanted to change. So now is the time to improve and fix the a couple of things!

One of the first major things i wanted to tackle is that bird scene! That wasn’t my best work and i knew i should have looked how a bird moves. So now i’m going to do just that!

Bird Flying Video 1

Bird Flying Video 2

What I have noticed is that the wings don’t move that much when in “flapping mode” but the ends curve upwards and how aggressive the flapping is dependent on how high the wings rise.When they build enough momentum they glide and the wing stay stationary.

The wings almost look like a wave, with the first half curving one way and other curving another when the wings are raised

For my bird there is a point where it glides and the initial flapping should be aggressive. So i need to raise the vines and treat each wing as two different parts. With that to animating!

The Life Drawing Class of 2015

Today was our last life drawing class we were told we would be drawing a pose  for the full hour without gestures. There was something about this class i didn’t know if it was because we were near the end  but I felt a lot more relaxed. I wanted to continue the cross hatching method even though it was still new to me.

First Drawing 

I felt i started off bit rough but with Michael’s guidance and having the freedom to start again I was able to improve. Michael guided me by showing me correct proportions and form. How long leg correlates with the other in the pose the model was in.

Later Drawing

It’s sad that this is the last class but hopefully there will be more to come in 2016!

The Presentation

Our hour glass presentation is done. Personally i’m really proud of it and today we all spoke and contributed to the presentation well (whether it was through visuals or talking to the class) It may have ran on a bit longer than we thought but sharing our findings and research to the class for me was fun to do!

I love the touches the group did with adding themselves and the group as lizards. It’s always a nice touch!

Link to view presentation