Response to Feedback- Finished Animation

So after all the mess ups and glitches that happened this week we got the animation done with the appropriate changes made to the new animation. This was our animation before making the changes:


For sound we told to make the following changes:

  • adding sound effects for example; bed spring
  • Changing the last line of dialogue so it will the context of the animation

For this we added new dialogue and sound effects. The new piece of dialogue “this is shocking”  we used to create a punchline.


For camera we were advised to:

  • Change the camera in the intro as the previous wasn’t working
  • Zoom out the camera in scene 2 (scene where lights go out)

For the intro we changed the camera to a lateral tracking shot using the influence of Stanley Kubrick whilst in scene 2 we just zoom out the camera back to the way it was previous and like in our animatic. By fixing the light in scene one we were also able to establish which light was broken.


For Effects we were advised to:

  • Tone down in the effect for scene 2
  • Have a more comedic zap for scene 3 (where she touches the bulb)
  • Have the bed light up to show she’s touching it in scene three.

For this we cut out the effects in scene two , keeping with the Ambient Occlusion inverted effect. We added the AO inverted to the bed as well to show the she has touched it swell. For the comedic zap we added some special effects in After Effects.


Lighting is a major thing i wanted to fix in scene 1. However you can see there had been many challenges trying to fix the lighting and then having to fix them in AE. It was fixed to a degree however if it was me I would spend an eternity on it.


We also were advised to fix:

  • Curtain in scene 2 to mimmick the scene from psycho more
  • To have the character caught in the act of taking out the bulb

For this we redid the curtain scene and changed the pose in the outro, hopefully these scenes will have made our animation better.

This is the Animation after these changes:

After posting this online Michael Bass commented on the eyes in the intro scene; saying the glow is too strong and doesn’t make sense before she electrocutes herself. We tried our best to fix this however there was difficulties. We were able to fix the eyes a little bit and there is some different between the eyes in scene 1 & 2. We decided before making a mess of it to just stop and say we tried.

Here is our FINAL (I mean it) animation:

I am so proud of everyone involved and it’s so good to see an end product to three months work.


An Eton mess of a Week

Okay I left this post the end because the past two weeks have been gradual fuck ups.


So while we were rendering are most longest and complicated scene, I had put on final gather, little did I know 240 frames across two computers would take two days because of it. Thats not all when we finally got it rendered days before it came out like this.

Camera on Acid

Our legit reaction as a group

I don’t know how this happened, I checked the frames… I thought it I did and this pieces of shit came out. At this point I had enough we realised we didn’t have an extra two days to again because we planned for editing over the weekend. We did what we never wanted to do.

The failed Render farm

Yes I know we were desperate, we tried  to render farm the intro scene. We installed the programme but because the character was textured using PSD files, the render farm wouldn’t send it through. Render farm kept crashing and when I finally got it. My laptop crashed and corrupted the file, you can learn something from this. Don’t try to render farm on a laptop!

With that not working and moments of panicking I went to every machine possibly and rendered out intro again. Took a few hours, considerably less time. If only this was done a few days ago without final gather on or the camera messing up. I wouldn’t have wrote this.


The one thing I wanted to fix was the lighting but the light fog decided not to work after much frustration we decided to render on anyways. In the end myself and Lorna fixed the go in After Effects but it can be very annoying when things at the last minutes decide to fail.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 21.32.36.png
The lighting is bad and I feel bad
When theres just one fuck up to many 

Now i’m not proud of what I did but I decided to tap out for the weekend where more mess ups were happening. For that I’m gonna pass the torch to Lorna who had a whole range of stuff to deal with. However she and Beccaa did a fantastic job if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t have finished the animation.

It’s Grease Lightning!!

So one of critiques or pieces of advice if you will was to make the zap of electricity like a comedic zap for that we looked into videos of lightning. You would actually be surprised how little videos there are of this when initially googling I found this  and shown the group and the animation and subject of all just kept making me laugh.

Electrical Work Safety Awareness Training – Accessed 6th May 2016

Yea I did not take research seriously at all. We talked to Ryan and he reminded us of the Green Mile scene where one of the inmates on death row is in the electrocution chair and is caught on fire. One of the great things about Ryan is that he remembers references I forget and then I end up kicking myself after.

Green Mille Execution scene- Accessed 6th May 2016

After looking at these Beccaa actually found some good research on the electrocution for scene 3. So I’m gonna let you go over to Beccaa’s post because as Tubbs & Edward say “Theres nothing for you here.” (League of Gentlemen reference, no…okay then.)

“Hey how about you lighten up Cassie?” -__-

So here is some more lighting and the current problems, I feel like the lighting is trying to slowly kill me and a lot of time the group have had to do this.

cassie galloway; actual cry baby

I’m currently getting a speckle which i’m assuming may have something to do with my outside light being too bright. Although I really like seeing the contrast of the blue come through. It seems to overpower and even if its turned down by a fraction then i’ll be happy. Hopefully this will be resolved so i’m trying not to pull my hair out at the moment. The problems of trying to have files ready to render in time.


Stanley Kubrick Revised

One of the critiques from Conánn was too research more in Stanley Kubrick. As I had already researched Kubrick I was stuck for a different approach. I briefly spoke about it with Ryan and then he reminded me of Stanley’s Kubrick’s technique of the lateral tracking shot. Being reminded of the tracking shots in Paths of Glory (The ironic thing was in my previous research I had this, I didn’t put two and two together)

Paths of Glory – Lateral Tracking Shot – Accessed 2nd May 2016 

There is also a great episode of every frame of painting which goes through the lateral tracking shot. It also talks about Wes Anderson who is a great director I haven’t talked about but have a great appreciation for the way he deals with composition (every scene is symmetric in some way.)

Every Frame of painting – Wolf Children Accessed 2nd May 2016

With this camera technique in mind; I applied it to the intro scene. Now there is a lot more focus on the beds and creates a gradient of whats normal to to the abnormal.

New Camera shot


While I’m here Beccaa did a research post on Alfred Hitchcock on the analysis of the shower scene so we could accurately fix scene two! 


Presentation III – This time it’s personal

So we presented and got our feedback.To be honest I was expecting worse. The tutors gave us a lot of advice to take our animation forward. As my predictable self those who wish to see the presentation can! Link Here

After the presentation we wrote down a list of stuff to fix along


so here the important bits we need to fix:

  • Establish only one light is broken to avoid confusion with the audience
  • The first camera shot doesn’t work, following Kubrick’s methods by having the camera parallel to the wall facing the beds should solve this issue
  • Fix lighting overall and in the first lamp in intro.
  • Tone down effects in scene two (I knew it, ah well)
  • Keep the animation stepped in scene 2 with more character interaction in the eyes
  • Have the bed light up in scene 3 to show she has touched it
  • Have our character caught in the midst of taking the light bulb.
  • Change the dialogue at the end of the scene as it is no longer relevant to the animation.

On the right you can see we are planning to Asana. Yes you heard it folks we have a plan to make a plan. I know the next two weeks are gonna be hard but at least we can see on the board what needs done.

Last Minute Changes

Whilst we were rendering and finishing up scenes, Michael approached us today and made an interesting comment to us about our outro. He mentioned that there was no need for for a zoom out and that it was too clutter with all of all the other going on. We knew Michael was right and despite it being a day before the presentation we were determined to fix it as it was the sake of changing the camera.

So our camera changes from this :

Scene 4 camera
To this

Update scene 4 camera

While I’m here because I haven’t spoken  about the progress of the other guys in the team. I think Lorna and Beccaa have done a fantastic job with saving the rig and getting her in the poses. A few weeks ago we were stressing that there would be no character to put in a scene and now we have the character animated.

To see their process I would recommend clicking this links:

Lorna and the character in poses with the curtain 

Beccaa and the rig