“Hey how about you lighten up Cassie?” -__-

So here is some more lighting and the current problems, I feel like the lighting is trying to slowly kill me and a lot of time the group have had to do this.

cassie galloway; actual cry baby

I’m currently getting a speckle which i’m assuming may have something to do with my outside light being too bright. Although I really like seeing the contrast of the blue come through. It seems to overpower and even if its turned down by a fraction then i’ll be happy. Hopefully this will be resolved so i’m trying not to pull my hair out at the moment. The problems of trying to have files ready to render in time.



Constructing the ear…. again

Attempting to back into the ear i thought maybe going off someone different tutorials may help if the Digital Tutors one was confusing me. I asked the class (and Edward Boyle) and kindly I was given tutorials on how to construct an ear.

How to Model an Ear – Low Poly to Intermediate 3D Modelling Tutorial – Box Modelling


Head Modeling Maya 2015 Part 05 Ear

However looking at the tutorials, seeing that they are all done different ways. Some are box modelling and others requires me to remove geometry from the head. As helpful looking at all these tutorials were, i decided to go back into my old tutorial to finish off the ear.

By starting over the ear again I was able to get the ear done much quicker and found out I had forgotten to merge vertices and in  places where the ear and head join and split some triangles so they form quads. However I still have triangles at the back of the ear but I think working on them bit more will enable me to have less deformities.

Stanley Kubrick Revised

One of the critiques from Conánn was too research more in Stanley Kubrick. As I had already researched Kubrick I was stuck for a different approach. I briefly spoke about it with Ryan and then he reminded me of Stanley’s Kubrick’s technique of the lateral tracking shot. Being reminded of the tracking shots in Paths of Glory (The ironic thing was in my previous research I had this, I didn’t put two and two together)

Paths of Glory – Lateral Tracking Shot – Accessed 2nd May 2016 

There is also a great episode of every frame of painting which goes through the lateral tracking shot. It also talks about Wes Anderson who is a great director I haven’t talked about but have a great appreciation for the way he deals with composition (every scene is symmetric in some way.)

Every Frame of painting – Wolf Children Accessed 2nd May 2016

With this camera technique in mind; I applied it to the intro scene. Now there is a lot more focus on the beds and creates a gradient of whats normal to to the abnormal.

New Camera shot


While I’m here Beccaa did a research post on Alfred Hitchcock on the analysis of the shower scene so we could accurately fix scene two! 


Constructing the Ear

At this point I am aware of the topology and organisation of the head is sloppy and needs fixed. However with that still in mind I’m starting the ear and sorting out topology later.

When constructing the ear I can see how a lot of geometry can be built up in the ear. I felt at this point my ear may be off point or they may sit out too much.

Creating more geometry in the ear, I thought it was going okay. Looking at my ear i know the top is more curled in so later on i’m going to have to cater for that and my lobe is a bit bigger so will have to spread out geometry to cater for that. To create the details in the ear I extracted the face and began creating the edges. At this point the structure of the ear scares me. When making the ear initially I could see a lot of triangles forming. Eventually they turned into quads through the power of deleting and adding edges. However what bothered myself the most is the deformities behind the ear. There was a lot of geometry gather in these parts and poles and triangles that didn’t seem right. I know triangles and poles are unavoidable especially in the ear however in this case there was too many.

At this point I know I have done something wrong. All face models are different but comparing my topology to Paul Conner’s, I definitely know I’ve not paid attention. There were faces where the normals looked switched and overall it looked a mess. You could look at this and find a solution but my brain is currently tired and confused. One that note I will start again!!!

Constructing the Nose


For the nose I started extruding the bridge of the nose out, bringing edges from the cheeks up to the nose and starting to create the nostrils. By bringing in an extra edge loop this can create definition for my nose. At the moment I notice that my septum is quite thin and when I flip over the face I know it is going to look odd. So I need to remember to sort this out

To finish off the nose I needed to create the inside of the nostril. For this I extruded edges and brought them up inside the nose. By actually seeing  a nostril and not just a hole makes me feel so much better. Thinking of parallel lines I’m aware things do need fixed so will have to at some point (actually!!) re organise the mesh. This may solve some of the skin creasing the way it does.



Presentation III – This time it’s personal

So we presented and got our feedback.To be honest I was expecting worse. The tutors gave us a lot of advice to take our animation forward. As my predictable self those who wish to see the presentation can! Link Here

After the presentation we wrote down a list of stuff to fix along


so here the important bits we need to fix:

  • Establish only one light is broken to avoid confusion with the audience
  • The first camera shot doesn’t work, following Kubrick’s methods by having the camera parallel to the wall facing the beds should solve this issue
  • Fix lighting overall and in the first lamp in intro.
  • Tone down effects in scene two (I knew it, ah well)
  • Keep the animation stepped in scene 2 with more character interaction in the eyes
  • Have the bed light up in scene 3 to show she has touched it
  • Have our character caught in the midst of taking the light bulb.
  • Change the dialogue at the end of the scene as it is no longer relevant to the animation.

On the right you can see we are planning to Asana. Yes you heard it folks we have a plan to make a plan. I know the next two weeks are gonna be hard but at least we can see on the board what needs done.

Last Minute Changes

Whilst we were rendering and finishing up scenes, Michael approached us today and made an interesting comment to us about our outro. He mentioned that there was no need for for a zoom out and that it was too clutter with all of all the other going on. We knew Michael was right and despite it being a day before the presentation we were determined to fix it as it was the sake of changing the camera.

So our camera changes from this :

Scene 4 camera
To this

Update scene 4 camera

While I’m here because I haven’t spoken  about the progress of the other guys in the team. I think Lorna and Beccaa have done a fantastic job with saving the rig and getting her in the poses. A few weeks ago we were stressing that there would be no character to put in a scene and now we have the character animated.

To see their process I would recommend clicking this links:

Lorna and the character in poses with the curtain 

Beccaa and the rig