Life Drawing Comparison

I know I’m not great at  posting life drawing but really quickly want to show a comparison but oh my gosh i’ve improved i’m gonna just say it.


That was my first life drawing where there absolutely no form and all I did was just concentrate on the outlines. Below is my latest life drawing


I know i’m a messy drawer and have a lot to learn but life drawing has improved my drawing skills so much. It has reminded me of arcs; how the body is curved and not straight poses with arcs create more fluid and dynamic drawings.

It has taught me solid drawing and form. That like in animation everything is made up of shapes and that the human bodies’ proportions are made up of those shapes. That my outlines need to be cleaner, I know my latest piece is still so messy but compared to my first drawing. It’s a no brainer my lines have overall become much more dynamic and confident. I will say i always forget to draw in the prop the life model has, so i can’t really comment on the overlapping action of the prop but ah well.

Life drawing has reminded me of basic proportions such as foreshorten and perspective; especially when chairs are involved!I can’t thank life drawing enough for making me like i can say i’m a better drawer with the knowledge I have learnt from the principles of animation and how Michael has been able to help us apply to our drawings.



The Life Drawing Class of 2015

Today was our last life drawing class we were told we would be drawing a pose  for the full hour without gestures. There was something about this class i didn’t know if it was because we were near the end  but I felt a lot more relaxed. I wanted to continue the cross hatching method even though it was still new to me.

First Drawing 

I felt i started off bit rough but with Michael’s guidance and having the freedom to start again I was able to improve. Michael guided me by showing me correct proportions and form. How long leg correlates with the other in the pose the model was in.

Later Drawing

It’s sad that this is the last class but hopefully there will be more to come in 2016!

Life Drawing: session 10

This week we exchanged conte stick to fine liners and ball point pens and tried out cross hatching!

I found the session a lot harder than I thought, I enjoyed myself but I think my problem of overworking a piece came into play where my work would have unnecessary shadows and the control over the piece seemed a tad chaotic. Looking back I should have did a couple of warm ups to loose my hand however will learn for next time.

DSC_0850 1

Hopefully with a lot more practice and can get used the technique because it interests me to try new things and because I would consider myself to be quite scribbly, a style more familiar to myself .



Cross Hatching Research

For this week we needed to research artists for cross hatching. This technique is what we are implementing on Thursday

Mort Drucker

American caricature artist who work is most famous seen in ‘MAD’ for decades. I really like the way trucker accentuates features and his work doesn’t feature harsh blacks but various shades which gives a 3rd dimension.  Looking at this makes me consider the various techniques and styles incorporate when to use soft shading and harsh lines.

Illustrated by Mort Drucker: Source

Charles Dana Gibson

Charles is an american graphic artist best known for his work in Gibson Girl. The work he does uses the cross hatching method. With the lines showing perspective and the weight of the lines showing tone. This is going to a main influence as his work is an example of cross hatching done well.

Work by Charles Dana Gibson: Source

Leonardo Da Vinci

One of the most famous artists of all time, his studies I think are fascinating. Knowing when to let the page coming  through in the drawing is something I often forget, with Da Vinci’s work his line work is in the form of the human figure with less lines depending on light and shadow. This is something I need to remember, to not be chaotic with the lines but to have more control and making sure they keep with the form.

Study of hands by Leonardo Da Vinci: Source

Dave Gibbons

One of my favourite comic book artists, is an english artist and writer. His most famous work is his illustrations for Watchmen. A graphic novel that follows the plot line of retired superheroes.

In terms of composition, the panels are not set to be dramatised with different camera angles with each piece looking like it’s from a poster. Watch had a much more “straight on” approach with it’s complex story lines and simple page layout it seemed easier to read. The little details that separated the novel from others at it’s time (Source)

In terms of drawings, the style is not so much cross hatching but filling in the black where it’s needed. Looking at my own work i should be making things more precise. Instead of over working pieces and not concentrating on where the light and shadows are.

Page from Watchmen:  Source


Life drawing: Session 9

This week for life drawing we were trying to focused on tonal, applying the techniques we learnt with toning spheres and the figure. We started off with a few gestures to warm up.

Gesture Drawings

When it came to drawing the figure in tone I was nervous because i wanted to show improvement from the last attempt at tonal. Trying to remember about knowing when to leave out spaces and not to over work a piece.

Figure in Tonal
Artists to research by Michael

Michael saw my work and saw there was improvement which i was very happy about since I wasn’t sure if i had made improvements with tonal. I’m glad to see i’m learning from previous attempts!!

We were also given homework to do. This week some of expressed in interest into using the technique cross hatching so next week we need to bring biro or inky pens and research into artists for influence!



Life Drawing: Session 8

For this week we returned to respective and the chair. I immediately found this daunting because i found that i was awful at it! The chair part is fine it’s just when a figures involved i just confused. However  it has been a couple of weeks and hopefully i’ve made  progress.

1st Atempt
Drawing the chair
2nd Attempt

I think my chair exercises were a lot better this time than previous. I understood more about the floor and the proportions of the chair to the person. Saying that, i do feel like its needs endless improvement but that means more practice and understanding perspective and form.

Life Drawing: Session 7

Today we worked on form. Continuing gestures but also looking perspective for the our life model did some poses that would have to make us consider the form and line of action. I found it particularly hard but enjoyed it.

Gestures 1
Gestures 2

For myself I know i have a lot to work on, i know i’m quite messy and thats  something i will have to control especially when i’m initially putting in lines of action and proportions. Like all things they will get better with practice!