Photoshop Stuff

An idea that we had at the start for the artifact was to replicate the selfie at the beginning of Thelma and Louise. We thought of it as funny joke but thought we should do it for the presentation, just a fun bonus to get a few laughs from ourselves.

I nominated myself as photoshop master and myself, Thomas and Jenny took a picture of ourselves. Claire wasn’t comfortable being in the photo so it was Just the trio. It wasn’t until I went to put us in the photo I realised the picture we took was too different in lighting and quality. 


So we agreed the ten minute photoshop masterpiece was to be redone and made better!  Using a better camera we this time got someone else to take it and we all looked the same way. I was determined to get Claire in the photo so she settled for me drawing her in.


So this is what we are left with, I regret nothing


The final 6

Below are my final 6 photographs:

Texture: The harsh ground compliments the daisy in the middle left of the setting. I loved the texture of the rope in foreground alongside with the ‘gravely’ surface compared with the dialect structure of the daisy and stick like plants in the background.

Depth of field: Tying in elements of texture I found the barbed wires harsh surface and circular structure complimented the background; (with the straight fence contrasting) It is almost symmetrical.

Colour: With the pavement and street lamps concaving to a vanishing point and the eye being immediately drawn to the sign. I loved the contrast of the pop of colour compared with the tonal/ sepia toned background.

Tone: For this I was thinking of the inverse square law; with the long stretch of tunnel and the subject in the background; drawing the eye to the vanishing point. I love how the shadows are drawn towards the foreground seeming almost “eerie”

Composition: I loved how the eye was drawn to the island with the rocks in the water drawing out to the horizon line. The cloudy sky in the foreground with light blue shades in the background I thought gave the setting dimension

Colour 25

Below are my photos for colour which have been narrowed down to 25 photos. Some of these photos are quite dark which due to the time they were taken and the exposure. I think thats why I like them so much. Looking at the 25 selected I can see how some of the photos crossover into other areas. To be honest I will probably be very indecisive on which photo to choose!

Light 25

Below are my photos for light which have been narrowed down to 25 photos. The majority of them are night time photographs which before I’ve mentioned i love as it creates an almost ominous atmosphere. (Silent Hill) However some of the section also has the balance of the daytime photography. In choosing my final photography I may appear biased though!

Depth of Field 25

Below are my photos for depth of field which have been narrowed down to 25 photos. Most of these feature macro shots that were taken today; (especially of the barbed wire) I loved seeing the comparison of foreground and background and even seeing parts of the fence/gate come into play with the composition.

Texture 25

Below are my photos for texture which have been narrowed down to 25 photos. A lot of these photographs have an aspect of nature. Photos like the leaves on the old house to me scream texture as there is so many elements going on. These photos could crossover into various sections due to the changes in light and depth  of field. Again I’m going  to have trouble picking the best out of my selection