Maya Showreel

Maya Showreel. 

Self Assessment

I have found design discourse to be challenging, despite the tasks being simple compared to what we will be doing in semester two. Looking back I treated the knowledge we learnt with the principles and the assignments in Maya as two separate things when they should be working together.

Looking at my animations I’m not particularly happy with them and I wished I worked more on the module so I could have advanced to more complex animations. I think by the end I had passable animations and with the guidance of Alec I could see where I was going wrong. I think my main issue is timing which is a principle I need to look at in more depth. I have enjoyed looking at the theory of animation and it’s principles and seeing the examples in animations past and present. By research and seeing how the principle effects my animations was helpful in understanding the theory. I just wish over the few weeks I was able to apply the theory to Maya more.

I know it’s important for me to keep learning and practising exercises after the 12 weeks and continue to over the break in order I come back into semester two with more knowledge and understanding. Despite the challenges I have enjoyed the learning process and look forward to semester two.


It’s the Arm Rig Again!

Okay so this is the last one i’m fixing, the arm rig is something I struggled with but i was determined to have a decent one before the end of the semester deadline! For this I tried to think more about follow through and the chain reaction of movement. As a result this test is a lot more slow than the others however i think it’s my best example of the arm rigs I’ve done so far.

Not to say there are no issues with this. This is a test i think i need to do a million times before I get it right but it’s progress!

Worm Blob Revisited

I knew I had to fix the worm blob so I re done the file, keeping to the same concept of the worm running into the cube and being squashed by a sphere. For that i tried to add more anticipation and add a build up to the run.

I think I did that better, this time I left the cube static as i found it distracting and not needed for the animation. Overall  I’m a lot happier with this attempt, for me it shows that practice improves. Of course there is things with it that i would want to fix but i’m content with the final result!

Oh Look More Bouncing Balls

Again I wanted to try again the bouncing ball but add complexity. I feel like everyone else is doing such complex animation and there I  am with my simple sphere so I tried animating a stepped.

I found the step actually quite hard to do but i feel with this animation, the level of bounces means the ball should cover a greater distance so i tried to improve upon it before giving up on the bouncing ball!

With this I feel it’s bit more fluent and i tried keeping in mind of slow in and out and timing. Hopefully that came across! These two tests were done a few week apart so hopefully you can see the progression.



Maya Presentation

To end our Maya assignments, each group had to give a 5 minute presentation on the principles of animation along with our animations.

For that I put our animation in some compilation video. Looking back it would have been nice to add the names under each piece of work but lesson learnt!

Bouncing Balls Compilation

Obstacle Course Compilation

Arm Rig Compilation

Worm Blob Compilation

We also took each of our research from last week and used it for the presentation. I researched Arc, Staging & Pose to Pose/ Straight Ahead Action 

Here’s a link to the presentation created by Myself, Robert, Samantha & Hollie

Arm Rig Improved

Looking back at my arm rig I remembered how much i wanted to improve upon it so with that I tried it again! Reminding myself that the improvement need to be making the arm less mechanical looking and thinking  of my follow through action with momentum carrying on the action.

Arm Rig 2

I think there is much more improvement in this test than previous. I think there is still a few timing issues however I think this is something i can fix! So now i have said it in the post there should be another one in the future with a better arm rig test!


Arc, Staging & Pose to Pose

most living creatures will move in a circular motion also known as an arc.
Adventure time uses an arc motion in it’s  characters such as Jake and Lady Rainicorn. As their limbs “defy physics” it creates a loose and fluid motion which emphasise the something of the world. In particular Lady Rainicorn when flying uses an arc motion to progress forward.


An action is staged so it is understood it is how it is presented so the expression and action is clear to the reader.  Holding a pose can exaggerate  an emotion or action,elements that also come into effect are lighting, colouring and even music. Rio uses effective staging to give a platform to its characters. In this particular scene the chaotic bird infants are frightening by the protagonists arm movements. This causes the to fall on the main character. The entirely scene shows set up of the main characters exaggerated arm movements to the delayed timing of the toucans falling.

Made on

Pose to Pose and straight ahead
There are two approaches to animation. Once is straight action; having two different poses with no in-between action. The second approach is pose to pose action; in addition to have a straight action there would also be various in between poses to create a more smooth transition.
Paperman in particular would have a lot of pose to pose animation. The action of the paper airplanes do not make a straight ahead action. They contain in-between poses to create the feel that the feel the airplanes are light in weight.




Illusion of Life by Frank Thomas & Ollie Johnston


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