GIFs Galore!

We thought the presentation on Tuesday could do with more visuals. For that we thought of doing GIFS could show everyone what we were thinking   (and a back up if we suddenly get nervous and forget what we were working on!) We had in the past thought about GIFs or small animations and would tie in elements when it came to the motion graphic posters.

For me it was also a chance for me to do more concept art but in a more fun way. I’ve never made a GIF before so why not start now!

The Beginning of The Arena

With help of Claire drawing out some hands for me and I coloured and drew up the hour glass. This was to visualise how the hour glass would transform into the arena. Thinking of the gravity pull and the god and how he would play into the transformation of normality to chaos.

The Arena

I did most of the GIFs for this and Jack did one based on the quicksand zone. (Claire and Kirstin did some character GIFs to add to the presentation)

Skeletons grabbing creatures

Showing the lowest level  of the area with the skeletons grabbing the creatures into the sand.

The Time Bent Zone

I don’t think i’ve ever laughed as much as when i made this. I will admit the timing is a tad off. Showing the time related zone in the arena with the creatures getting younger and older with ever step.

The Last Stride in the Arena

This would be my favourite one and I think shows the most detail. Showing the grandma’s footsteps influence with drones that incinerate creatures when seen.


Hour Glass Origins Trailer Complete

So happy we got the title sequence done and that it really was a group effort with each element that needed done.

As we planned before jack did the typography, Kirstin did the backing sound track, Claire did most of the drawings (with mine and Kirstin’s input on some pages) and I put it all together and edited the video.

We first tried to get in contact with some people to be our narrator as we thought an epic deep projected voice would  present the trailer well. However when speaking to people in the class they suggested a female voice would be more appropriate since it would be remind you of a teacher reading a story. With that we got the fabulous Lorna to be our narrator!(Lorna did a great job and I would suggest she does more voice acting! )

Also to give credit again to the hand model; Dervla!

Hour Glass Origins Trailer

Editting the Trailer

I began editing the footage in After Effects. This compared to the title sequence felt like a much easier challenge due to the trailer not having as many elements however I still had things to think about.

I had to think about the timing of the pages turning over as we shot it in one take we didn’t film each sections. Considering we are adding close ups, this means i need to split the video into individual parts. So i have to make sure i’m not cutting scenes at the wrong times

I got Claire’s coloured close ups and they were great, using sepia tones keeping the theme old. Made such a difference than just plan line work.

When adding in the close ups, thought was needed on how would they be transitioned? would they be static or moving from the ideas or zooming in or out. For this the narration had to be considered; by considering how long the person needed to speak i was able to figure out if the close up would be left state too long on the screen. If it was more than a couple of seconds i would zoom it out or to a side.

Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 02.26.37.png
Screenshot of After Effects Composition

Obviously with different images came a different transitioned and for a couple of hours it was trail and errors of fixing timings and transition but in the end it was worth it. Also by adding a filter of sepia it looked more aged than the indoor light that it original had.

And so now the editing is done! and only narration to go for that we can bring the footage into iMovie and use the microphone tool.


Help with concept art

I was struggling with some of the pieces I was doing. Then i spoke to Claire on Friday who able to give me advice which really helped in terms of handling Photoshop!

Through Claire I probably learnt the most obvious things like formatting layers and textured brushes. I really took the advice on board and the piece I was working on I think is my best yet

The View Up

Also with getting into conversation with Claire she has been able to show me tutorial and you tubers that could help me draw better and in Photoshop and on paper. I found them really interested and can’t wait to fully delve into them over the winter break.

Here are some of the accounts Claire showed me:




The Jetty Jet Show

Music and Typography

I thought i would make a post about sound and typography combined since i’m not creating them it would be easier just to feature both works here

For sound, we gave the task to Kirstin; she was able to create a couple of tracks of her playing the ukulele and at the moment is currently creating a final extended one for the trailer.

The music really fits the theme of the fantasy and feels like it should be a part of an old storybook.   Kirstin did great work !

One of Kirstin’s tracks for the trailer

The typography was done and completed by Jack. We were aware of the previous typography before being hebrew script. We were thinking of taking it and altering it to fit our own style. I showed Jack the typography from Alien which was a previous reference and how only a partial bit of the type is shown just as an idea. With that and Jack’s ideas he was able to create a type for the book. The final type take on the previous type and i think it’s easy to read and clear. This type looks really well in the book as well. Great job Jack!

Jack’s typography


shooting the story

So today we got the drawings and typography done. As Claire was comfortable with and drew the creatures really well, she was in charge of drawing them whilst I outlined Claire’s drawings. The hour glass scenes were drawn and outlined by Kirstin and Jack write out the type.

Now all there is left is to shoot, edit and add music/narration. As we wanted to shoot the trailer in a storybook theme, like Hell world we wanted to have someones hands turning the pages. For that we got Dervla who made a great hand model (Thank you Dervla) and shot the video with a birds eye view.

With the video shot I played it back I knew I would have to speed up and slow down parts and that maybe close ups are needed to focus attention on the drawings and story. For that I asked Claire if she could digitally colour the drawings if I took photos and all that would be needed afterwards is to add them in-between scenes.

Kirstin already had a great track that just needed extended so I think we are on track!

Notes for the Book

Now that we have know that there is going to be a story we thought of and put in other things. We already thought about puzzles which we were still thinking about. However we wanted to add more to fill up the book with more simple things. As I had the book at hand the things we talked about earlier I was able to do in the book.

Instructions for simplified game

For this we thought it would be nice, since it’s for the top creatures that they know how to play the game as it’s only common sense. For this i did some simple drawings explaining the game

Diagram of Simple Game

Player Guide

Mariokart 8: Source

This is apart of the game and Mariokart inspired with the handicaps you are given which can enhance your player. I thought this would be a cool feature to add to make not only pages to make playing the simple game interesting in the world.

Players in the Game

A diary like Guide

This could be like a survival guide with messages for the top creatures trying to warn them of the arena as best as possible. They could be detailed accounts or frantic messages. Having messages warning about each zone and the arena in general.

Finding from the Grave

Random Drawings

This could be just creature drawings but like sketched findings like you see in science books. Like little observations, for this we think we are gonna wait till the end to see how many other pages fill up