The Life Drawing Class of 2015

Today was our last life drawing class we were told we would be drawing a pose  for the full hour without gestures. There was something about this class i didn’t know if it was because we were near the end  but I felt a lot more relaxed. I wanted to continue the cross hatching method even though it was still new to me.

First Drawing 

I felt i started off bit rough but with Michael’s guidance and having the freedom to start again I was able to improve. Michael guided me by showing me correct proportions and form. How long leg correlates with the other in the pose the model was in.

Later Drawing

It’s sad that this is the last class but hopefully there will be more to come in 2016!


The Presentation

Our hour glass presentation is done. Personally i’m really proud of it and today we all spoke and contributed to the presentation well (whether it was through visuals or talking to the class) It may have ran on a bit longer than we thought but sharing our findings and research to the class for me was fun to do!

I love the touches the group did with adding themselves and the group as lizards. It’s always a nice touch!

Link to view presentation