For this circle, it was supposed to be a collaborative environment of all the circles so that it becomes the most evil of circles. However only me and Jordan could come in so we decided to start from scratch by collaborating together.

Orfield labs: Source

Thinking of the word treachery we were looking at betrayal and I thought of se7en and the victim of pride. She killed herself because she would rather contain her sin than exist. We thought about putting that same outlook on treachery; an ultimate test.

We thought of a room with an aspect of isolation. Thinking of the quietest room on earth; it is on record that the longest a person can withstand the silence is 45mins before going insane.

Myself and Jordan's sketches
Myself and Jordan’s sketches
Still from ‘The Box’: Source

To keep to the original Dantes Inferno we thought of aspects of ice. With the light source being translucent and in the middle it would give a claustrophobic atmosphere. Then we thought of the task perspective of the circle. That if the ice elements were closing in then it would add
tension, almost acting as a timer.

We came up with a few ideas, we thought if the person ongoing the trails presses a button or “fails” they case mass destruction, like a city would blow up or someone would die.

However we realised we were mimicking the story of ‘The Box’. This film has the plot of a family given a button, if they press the button they get a lot of money but someone dies. So to try and not completely steal this idea we tried to alter the story.

By altering the idea we came up with a sphere with a key, this key gets you out of the Hell Tree and is placed in the middle of the room.  As the walls cave in the real task for the person is to withhold their sanity if they try to grab the key they are stuck, if they have the patience they will escape. We also thought of the gatekeeper and the idea of the lizard closing the walls to grasp the key himself. Almost like eventually handing over the reward.

Below are concept sketches of the idea:


Don’t starve

Character menu
Character Menu: Source

Thinking of the character designs and how we could alter them. I thought of the game ‘Dont Starve’ a survivalist RPG game nearly in the style of Tim Burton. Created by Klei Entertainment   where you play a 2D character in a 3D world where you survive in an open world.

I found the style quite relevant and creepy and it’s sketchiness adds to the manic presence of the world. A style that the group could imitate and alter to the existing designs created by the previous group.

Concept art
Concept Art: Source
Gameplay: Source

The group seemed to like the style. Features like the eyes which are empty white and the petite facial features maybe good to recreate. That along with the scribbles and sketchy aesthetic of the body which we could use to add texture to our gatekeeper creatures.

Incorporating this style into my two gatekeepers; the spider and the cat/panther i looked at the previous designs. The spider and the cat/panther from Dervla’s concept drawings. As much as I love the style; to fit into one world the designs needed to be altered.

Below are my  rough sketches for the characters, trying to keep with the ‘Don’t Starve’ roughness:

Spider gate keeper
Spider Gatekeeper
cat like gatekeeper
Cat-like Gatekeeper


Exploring environments Jordan showed us the game ‘Limbo.’ Created by Playdead an independent game developers based in Copenhagen.

This game was previously shown to me by Ryan who originally worked on the hell world. The game itself is very relevant to our hell world and It’s simplicity and tonal atmosphere we thought would be interesting to incorporate to our environment. The use of silhouettes is quite eerie as well which adds to the darkness of the world.

Stills from Gameplay
Stills from Gameplay: Source
Stills from Gameplay
Stills from Gameplay: Source
Stills from Gameplay
Stills from Gameplay: Source

This is my take on the Limbo style, applying them to my two environments:

Digital Painting for dummies.

For the hell project I tried to digitally paint some concept as well as tonal sketches. This was something quite daunting for me as i have virtually no experience with painting in PSD or digital painting in general! Concept art is something i really want to explore this year hopefully this as a starting point will enable me to get better as the semester unfolds.

Conánn gave us a brief tutorial on Tuesday on how to create compositions and starting off a painting in Photoshop. Following the steps; I started setting the scenes for my concepts

Heresy: Beginning of concept work
Heresy: Final Outcome
Heresy: Final Outcome
Lust: Beginning of concept
Lust: Beginning of concept
Lust: Final Outcome
Lust: Final Outcome

Overall i’m happy with my first attempt. I would consider my style quite sketchy and messy and the environments had elements of chaos which worked to my advantage. (Lust featuring sandstorms, Heresy containing fire)  Of course it’s not amazing or my best work but i think it’s a learning curve to getting better at painting and composition.

Circles of Hell

Meeting with the group and discussing what could be in the circles. We decided on the following:


  • Ghostly gate keeper
  • The unbapitized waiting for God
  • Their punishment or fear is solitude, groups of souls waiting souls; patience with no end game
  • Elements of ice
  • A phone constantly ringing, cries for desperation.
  • Looking at a specific scene in star trek for the environment


  • Spider; black widow creatures.
  • no human compassion, solitude. Nowhere in sight of human touch
  • Mentions storm; using a sand storm to show unclean, to show dirt and filth


  • Vulture like creature
  • Goals are never in sight, thanks others have those goals
  • Lights sources in water never grasped
  • Caves, quicksand ( Like in Indiana Jones)
Indiana Jones in Quicksand: Source Image


    • Constant triggers of anger
    • Forest land; Suicide forest
    • Creature bull
    • When they commit the act of the violence they are instantly changed to that level of hell
Aokigahara Forest: Source Image


  • Creature snake/ goat/ rat
  • Thinking of torture; the basement
  • The thirst for killing is never quenched; no one can die.
  • Thinking of “Outlast”
Outlast: Source Image



  • Creature Fox/Wolf
  • “Trompe Loeil” – french translation
  • nothing is real, hallucinations
  • Trickery; souls cannot get a true sense of reality
  • optical illusions
Optical Illusion: Source


  • Creature toad/frog
  • rotting plants, food & environment
  • Unless grasped things look fine till a soul interacts
  • Always famished
  • Taking from the death of gluttony in ‘Se7en’



  • creature cat/panther
  • treason; the self righteous
  • Thinking of Bowser’s castle
  • “back stabbing” shards everywhere
  • fire environment
  • witches on trail; salem
Bowsers Castle: Source


  • all of the circles combined to create a greater hell and fear
  • Creature lizards

Hellish Environments

Trying to find environments or concept art to reflect Dante’s Inferno; I found this link on Wikipedia which references Dante’s inferno in modern culture. Through this i was able to research game and tv show environments which may have a particular style we as a group would want to incorporate in the Hell tree.

Gear of War originally created by Epic Games and now published by Microsoft. It’s environments are quite dark and hellish. I particularly like this one  as the colours are quite muddy and the environment with the tree like creatures looks very menacing. In addition the lines showing perspective of the foreground and background and the texture are a good inspiration for the week.

Gears of War 3: Source 

Final Fantasy  created by Japanese company Square Enix have made a franchise out of the RPG game. In this piece of concept I really like the concept art of the the floating island with the characters in the foreground. The use of black shadow is very effective drawing the eye to the center of the piece.

Chrysis 3; Source:

Dante’s Inferno is an animated film based off the game created in 2010. Animated by Film Roman, best known for producing the source animation for The Simpsons, King Of The Hill as well as Garfield. Of course it’s relevance is that it’s based off hell, would be something to look into to see how their take of the tale is different to ours.

Dantes Inferno animated epic; Source:

Published by Vertigo, Sandman is a long running comic created by Neil Gaiman. The dark fantasy is features mythology and horror in a  DC universe and it one of the most influential books in the fantasy genre alongside Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns

Sandman; Source:

The theme of the Hell tree made me instantly think of the film ‘Se7en’ by David Fincher. Based on the 7 deadly sins; Serial killer John Doe kill punished a select few for their deadly sins ( lust, gluttony, greed,envy, sloth, pride, wrath) With this in mind I was thinking how the 9 circles of hell could have environments with the aim to create fear tailored to each circle.

Week 4: A warm welcome to hell

This week brings a new environment for myself; I have switched to a new group which consists of Jordan, Méabh & Emily. It was quite sad leaving my old group as we worked well together but I’m excited to see new group dynamics and to be working with people I’ve never worked with before.

We got the Hell Tree project. To get a full understanding of what the hell tree resembles i went through previous groups blogs:

(creating the world) 1st group: Ryan  Kirstin Lina
(character designs) 2nd group: Dervla  Megan  Michelle  Rebecca

Taken from Michelle’s blog

From looking through the blogs Ive got a general idea of the world. The nine circles of hell in captured in a tree stump. Inspired by Dante’s Inferno; it started off as a world where evil doers go to be punished but it has now turned into a world which can be summoned. Almost like a game; people undertake trails; if they suceed their wish is granted if not they stay in the tree. Each level has a gatekeeper to set out each trail which take the form of animalistic type creatures.

The characters created seemed very separate so whilst working on this project it would be nice to alter the character so they all have a common style.

Im looking forward to exploring the environments and compositions of this world.