Flip Book

On Monday the group came in and we finished off the two flip books we planned out. I was the first one in so while waiting for the rest of the group I started drawing out the character flip book. This was done using the natural light from the window as a guide.

As more members of the group came in the more we started to develop a conveyor belt type workforce. We each assigned tasks; I shaded the spheres, Jordan shaded the shadows and background, Kirstin worked over each still in marker and Philip drew out the next flip book and helped myself or Jordan if anyone was struggling to keep up.

We realised very quickly that this took a massive amount of time however we got them done! In terms of presentation we kept the character flip book as a hard copy which can be displayed with all the other pieces. The building flip book however we thought would make a really nice gif. Kirstin & Philip organised this while I finished off the character flip book.

GIF of our flip book

Sunday Sketches

With storyboards being finalised by Kirstin & Philip for the flip book I decided to do some colour studies based off the concepts for that. It overall gave me a confident approach to the two movements as i found i was able to practice how the scenes squash, stretch and more

I also did some more general studies for practicing colour and the angles of the world.

In terms of digital work I took some of Philips drawings and worked over the top of them over Friday/Saturday. I liked the effect and colours on some of them and for myself it was good practice at digital painting as I am a big novice and the photoshop ‘malarkey’! It was also a chance for me to learn some of techniques Jordan uses for example, specific brushes and painting and i was able to learn from him.

philip designs
Working over Philips drawings

Experimenting with warm and cool

I wanted to experiment with the colours and see what would happen when you colour over warm and cool. For this I scanned in some warm and cool studies i had already drawn up.

Warm and cool studies in my book
Experimenting with colour over warm and cool
Experimenting with colour over warm and cool
Experimenting with colour over warm and cool
Experimenting with colour over warm and cool

Overall the effect it gives isn’t great but I found it interesting on the effect the warm and cool had on the translucent overlay. I wouldn’t say it adds anything to the studies but i’m glad I took the time out to test it out as you don’t know if something works well or not unless it’s experimented with.

Working over designs

In our group we decided to post our designs so that we could take each others and work over them. I particularly liked Jordan’s designs and decided to work over those:

Top: Pop theme Bottom: Rock theme Both Drawings by Jordan
Top: Pop theme
Bottom: Rock theme
Both Drawings by Jordan, Coloured by Myself
Top: blues theme Bottom: Electro theme Both Drawings by Jordan
Top: blues theme
Bottom: Electro theme
Both Drawings by Jordan, Coloured by myself 

I personally really like Jordan’s drawings as they are more character focused. I know Jordan himself had created his own colour study of these drawings (which can be viewed here) and it was interesting to see how we both interpreted his designs.

I also decided to do another warm and cool study but using Kirstin’s tonals. i really liked the bubble characters as they are very simple but filled with personality:

Warm & cool study over Kirstin's tonal
Warm & cool study over Kirstin’s tonal

Colour Schemes

For our sound wave world, we have interactions with the world which depend on the type of music playing. For that we want to create a different colour scheme for each type of music to capture the atmosphere and mood of the world.

Still from Sin City: Image Source

For this we talked about the use of colour and as a group we looked at ‘Shindler’s List’ and films by Robert Rodriguez (directed 300 and Frank Millers Sin City) They’re minimal use of colour with a pop of vibrant colours was something we admired. However as we want to use 5 tones we only loosely based our idea off this. We wanted to make the buildings and the world plain by using neutral tones to capture the Rodriguez vibe.
The pops of colour would be translucent glows which would omit of the characters and partially off the buildings like a mist or fog. (concert vibe) With that we took the general music genres and tried to find colours that resemble those colours.

Below are the colour schemes and the mood boards of those genres:

Colour palette of sound world
Colour palette of sound world

Tonal, Warm & Cool

I did another set of tonal drawings which i think i am becoming better at and decided to start warm & cool drawings using Adobe Photoshop. With this I scanned my tonal drawings and worked over the top of them as a guide. As a complete novice at digital painting i hope to get to the point where i don’t need to scan drawings. Hopefully that will change in time!

Scan 3

Scan from my sketchbook

Here are my warm and cool studies: 


Digitally Coloured Over Scanned Image

As first studies they are quite soft which is not normally my style as i would be quite sketchy and “linear” however i do like how they turned out as first studies. Personally I found it hard with the sound world not to be repetitive with the designs as they are quiet geometric but I’m interested to see what the rest of the group have done.

Week 5: Sound Wave world

After doing our weekly presentation of the hell tree. It was pointed out that the task of carrying out tonality wasn’t fulfilled entirely. Personally I feel I had lacked a body of work that should have been made and struggled with tone as it was not something I was used to. However for this next project I am going to step up and retry tone as well colour.

We were moved groups and projects. I’m in a project With Jordan, Philips & Kirstin and we are developing a colour environment for the sound wave world. To familiarise myself with the world I began looking at the previous groups concept sketches. With ideas of how the world is strutted i tried again with tonality; starting off with these thumbnails shown below:

Tonality thumbnails
Tonality thumbnails

I feel more confident about these tonal drawings as this time i really tried to focus on the light source and lighting. Hopefully this progress will reflect my upcoming drawings and concepts. (And how my work will play a part in the group)