Other people’s research

This post is to showcase some of the other research Jordan and Kirstin done as we did so much and it affected how the final storyboard was done.

Jordan showed us this clip which he thought could represent Techno in terms of colour and timing. I think its quite cool and make techno more alien like compared to the other characters.

RGB light strip synced to music

The idea of the story being a music video and with no dialog was intriguing and kirstin provided a few videos that could represent that:

Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti – Occhi Bassi

DyE -Fantasy

I’m familiar with DyE- Fantasy. On appearance it escalates very quickly and some would considered messed up. There is a meaning behind it but It’s not very relevant, however the idea of using serious imagery or graphic scenes to convert a deeper message is interesting. (not as graphic as DyE)

Kirstin also showed how when coming to animating and making that we could have a mix of 2D & 3D elements which also could be useful. Using mixed media could convey different characters or different environments:

Battle Deadline

Salesmen Pete


Revised to “final” storyboards

On Monday we brought together our storyboards that we had done the night before and made a revised version so we could iron out the flaws. It was a good way for all of our interpretations to be compared and we were able to take bits and bobs of stuff we liked (angles, close ups even parts of the story.) and put them into the revised storyboard.

Once we finished revising the story we began our final collaborative storyboard. Myself, Kirstin, Jordan & Philip each took a column and drew and shades storyboards. We decided to use Kirstin’s character studies as she captured the protagonist very well. Below are the final storyboards:

Draft storyboards

With the story played out myself, Jordan & Kirstin did a draft of our interpretation of the story. As  i have mentioned previously before I am not comfortable with digital art but i thought i would keep trying to push myself even if it is not so detailed storyboards.

To begin with i did a still of Equaliser which looks like this:

Still of Equaliser falling
Still of Equaliser falling

Then I began to start my storyboards; At first it went pretty well i thought but as they took some time my sanity was gone. So the end storyboards are poorly done and if they weren’t a draft I would do them again! But it was interesting trying to visualise whats been written on paper.

Triangle people are awkward

A struggle i’m finding when it comes to the storyboards is techno (triangle person) For the new storyboard we just had one monster character but he’s looking front ways, so its hard not drawing him like Phineas:

Still from Phineas & Ferb: Source

And with much annoyance and google i went to the only thing which made sense; Maya. In Maya i remembered the different shapes you could create. I created Techno’s head in order to understand the form and the perspective which i’m glad in the end i did. Below are the angles:

Upside down/ Patema inverted

I started looking at the falling scenes and drew out the falling scene using the references from Looper and Gravity. However there was an image in my head that i couldn’t shake off; it was from an Empire magazine I had 3 years ago (and still do because i hoard) so in the hope it would help and went through every issue of Empire i had (which i might add is about two years worth!) and tried to find the movie. And after an hour searching I finally found it; i wasn’t crazy!!

Its called upside down. Obviously it wasn’t a major success but the world is cool and the pull of gravity and force i think is cool. In relation to my world, the disc could have it’s own pull of gravity which brings the characters to the other side

Upside Down Trailer

I also found out there is an Anime which is almost exactly the same; for all those who are aware and prefer that.

Panema Inverted Trailer

Combining ideas!

Looking at all three ideas; i thought of the ideas of combining two. As the war between sounds was not something i was interested in; the other two were going to be the ones combined.

The idea of the protagonist falling to the other side because of a crack or collision really interested me. For me it makes the story more complex and something more to work with! Because at night thats what productivity does to you I started writing a story based on this.

Below is the story I wrote in my book:

  • Equaliser is in the caves looking at the colours, bored of the genre of music
  • As Equaliser leave the cave theres a collision and they fall to the otherside
  • They see debris of compact disc in the distance; Triangle people emerge
  • Scared, Equaliser stumbles away, however they trip meeting their fate
  • The monsters lean in, getting closer Equaliser winces and closes eyes
  • Eyes open and they realise they are listening to a new genre of music. The monsters are actually nice.

Thats the story I had; the end is kinda reminding me of baby dancing Groot or even better the dog at the end of this trailer:

Secret Life of Pets Trailer


When posting my story to the group I was very open to alterations; they seemed to like it as a whole. Of course I forgot to mention the conversation me and Jonny had about the compact  disc so there was bit of confusion. However Kirstin added an interesting take on a collision; What if the impact was caused by a meteorite?

I really liked this take so I did some research on meteorites. With such “reliable” websites such as Wikipedia. I was able to find out major impact events such as

  • Tunguska
  • Plelstocene
  • Holocene
  • Priblam meteorite.

I also found this prediction which bases the impact of meteorite by mass and time. Indicating the more time passes the bigger the disaster which wipes out species. (over a few millennia)

I also found a website which goes through the selection process of meteorite and how to know if you have found one: Have you found a meteorite? which was useful

So now when it comes to designing the impacting basic geometric designs such as Minecraft I found were helpful:

Cubes in Minecraft: Source

As a result i think simplified triangular shards (aftermath rubble) would better fit the story and the then we can have an origin of the triangular species.