Title Sequence done

Tonight I got the title sequence done. Every time I looked at it theres was something I wanted to changed so I’m stopping now before I go mad. I think the music was done quite well and really made the animation.

However if I were to back into it again i would adjust the small mistakes and timing issues about the animation.

Dragon Tree Title Sequence


Bringing the elements together

So I planned to get most of the animating and editing done today as I knew this could take a considerable amount of time and remembering the stress of doing the animatic last minute. I wasn’t gonna do that again!

To animate I need scenes from Jordan and vine on the type. Through talking online we were able to talk about the scenes  and what need changed and through the day he able to send me some for myself to animate. We were also able to change parts like having Mossi cleaning teeth and having the fireflies emersed with type instead.

Great thing about working with two adobe products simultaneously  is i could change the PSD files and they would change automatically in AE which saved a lot of time for myself.

Jakub had done the dragon video for our title sequence. It had a few technical issues and we thought it may need simplified so in the end we got this one which fitted the rest of the work nicely

Draft of Dragon Video

Jakub’s New Dragon Video

In terms of vines, somewhere along the way they were neglected so as Jakub wasn’t busy and waiting for something to do. I asked his help to draw on the vines. Of course he did  a great job and was able to get them done in no time for myself to animate.

Jakub’s Typography with vine

I think the longest part of it all was animating each individual letter for the vine as the letters needed to be cut out and saved individually. However this wasn’t complex work and within a couple of hours all the letters were animated that were needed.

The music was going to be added tomorrow and fixing timings and loose ends. I predict many duplicate files which are me making so many timing timing changes through out the day!

Experimenting in AE: Part 4

With the type i wanted to test out what type of vince would be suitable. Should the vine wrap around the text or should it cover it or should it branch out. Theres different ways it could go so to figure it out I did a test.

I knew Jordan was going to be doing the vines so I thought i was important i go this over and done with and sent to the group, leaving enough time.

Using the write on tool in After Effect and Photoshop to quick draw some vines on I did three tests using Jakub’s type.  One where the vine wraps around the lettering, One where ti covers the lettering like a building wall and another it acts as if it is growing and branching out.

Letter Vine Test

Showing it to the group, they and myself agreed the left one looked the best and thought it was simple and fun for the tittle sequence as it wasn’t distracting.

Planning the Title Sequence

For the title sequence we plan to have the following for our title sequence. We wanted the title sequence to reflect the animatic created by the previous group. We did a rough plan of delegating tasks. So far we have organised that Kirstin and Jakub are going to compose the music. Whilst myself and Jordan we organise the visual of the title sequence.

Rough Plan of Tasks

We have organised Jordan to add vines to the typography and then I can animate them write the write on tool. Jordan also has the task of creating the individual scenes in photoshop for myself to animate and on Monday helping to put the title sequence together and checking any mistakes I will likely have done!

In general my task over the weekend is to animate and put together the title sequence. This will require animating and editing in After Effects.

Kirstin was keen to do storyboards of the title sequence in order to give myself and Jordan a guide of what to do. As Kirstin is musical as well as Jakub herself and him are going to work on the music together. As Jakub already have a track as a foundation Kirstin is going to add keys and see how they both work with the acoustic track.

Jakub’s track 

Jakub as well as working on the music and making our typography glow and making it digital (currently has made!!) He also offered to animate one of the scenes as he has Adobe Flash which is good for me!

In our title sequence we are going to have five moving elements which require Jordan and others to draw:

  • Bird flying
  • Mossi swinging
  • Mossi falling
  • Fireflies
  • Dragon interaction
DSC_000001 22
Rough plan of Title Sequence

This may or may not change but keeping to a structure will help us progress through the weekend!

Experimenting in AE: Part 3

I knew I had to test the write on tool in After Effects. If it didn’t work against live action footage then there would need to be a backup plan set up. For myself it would be my first time working with the write on tool as I was only aware  of what it could do. For that I tested quickly on live footage we already had.

Mixed Media & Write on

Turns out the effect is really easy and just requires the right size brush tool and setting the key frames like you would normally do in AE. Its very patchy and rough but it shows the effect does work. The next progression is to test it with letter and vine!

Experimenting in AE: Part 2

I really liked the elements in True Detective with live action movie in silhouettes. That an again looking at Olly Moss who uses silhouettes in a similar way.

With that i asked the group if they could send me photographs and footages to see if these elements could work for our own world. With the images I created some tests. For it to work I created some moving backgrounds. I found this tutorial on making the true detective intro helped me stylising the look of a moving background.

True Detective Tutorial 

Here are some of the images that the group sent to me

And here’s some of the tests i did without and with the mask on top.

Moving Background

Mask and Live Action Experiment 1

Mask and Live Action Experiment 2

Overall i think it looks good and we could definitely use it. The group seemed to like them as well which is good and means we can go ahead with the idea. The use of the masks is effective so if there is a good ahead I will likely just use this method.